Driver Qualification File Requirements in the Transportation Industry

  • Jul 7, 2017

Are you a carrier in the transportation industry? Are you aware of the U.S. D.O.T. requirements for driver qualification files? Did you know that you could be subjected to a D.O.T. compliance audit at any given time? Per 49 CFR 391.51 (a), a carrier must maintain a driver qualification file for each driver operating under the carrier’s authority. The driver qualification file can be combined with the carrier’s personnel file. It does not have to be separate. The driver qualification file must include the following: employment application with carrier, driver history report from each state where the driver had a CDL in the last three years, inquiry about the Pre-Employment Screening Program by the D.O.T., D.O.T. medical examiner’s certificate, record or road test or a copy of the driver’s CDL, annual certificate of review of driving record, and annual inquiry from the state issuing the CDL. A carrier must keep and maintain the driver qualification file for the duration of the driver’s employment plus three years. If you have any questions regarding driver qualification files and/or need additional information regarding D.O.T. compliance, transportation regulations, or any other issues in the transportation industry, please feel free to contact Ena Demir at Kerrick Bachert, PSC at 270-782-8160.

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