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Kerrick Bachert Hosts CLE Feature at KY Bar Convention

  • Jul 25, 2017

Kerrick Bachert law firm had the honor of sponsoring the CLE feature: Waiting to be Heard which included Amanda Knox and Professor Gregory Gordon at the Annual Kentucky Bar Convention in Owensboro, Kentucky on June 23rd. Amanda Knox was studying abroad in Italy when she was convicted for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. Her conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court of Italy in 2015. Since then Knox has been working to spread awareness of wrongful convictions. Professor Gregory Gordon is the Associate Dean and Director for the research program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Facility of Law. Professor Gordon has been featured on many news shows as an expert on war crimes prosecution after his experience at the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division Office of Special Investigations- where he investigated and prosecuted Nazi war criminals and modern human rights violations. Professor Gordon discussed the difference between the judicial systems in America and Italy. It was a privilege for Kerrick Bachert to host Knox and Professor Gordon at the Annual Kentucky Bar Convention.

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