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Let Our Attorneys Help Protect The Intellectual Property Of Your Business

Nearly all businesses sell products or services. If you own a business, you’ve probably taken the necessary steps to protect these assets. But what about the recognizable name and logo for your business? Or your advertising materials and website content? Or your unique business processes and inventions?

These are all examples of intellectual property. In some ways, IP is the most valuable asset associated with your business. Therefore, it is worth protecting with the help of the skilled attorneys at Kerrick Bachert, PSC.

Copyright Services And Representation

Don’t let others unfairly profit from your creative works, misappropriate them or weaken their value. Our attorneys will help you copyright your original works and represent you in legal actions against those who infringe upon them.

Protect Your Branding With Trademarks

Your business name, logo and other signage are the public face of your operation. They are your reputation and your brand. Our attorneys can guide you through the federal trademark search and registration processes and can litigate infringement actions on your behalf.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge By Seeking Patents

Often, a business’s competitive edge comes from finding ways to manufacture products or deliver services more quickly, more cheaply or more consistently than others. Whether you’ve created a unique machine, business process or other valuable invention, seeking a patent may prevent competitors from profiting off of your hard creative work. Our attorneys can help you determine if the expression of your idea can be patented, and if so, we will guide you through the process.

Speak To An Experienced Intellectual Property Attorney About Your Legal Needs

Kerrick Bachert, PSC, has offices in Bowling Green and Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and we serve clients throughout most of the state. To learn how our IP lawyers can help you and your business, call us at 270-715-2410 or reach out online.